ASSIGNMENT HELP | Overview—Summarizing the case scenario and identifying all the problems, issues, constraints, related to the case.

Case Study 3

Thoroughly read Exercise 6.3,  The Role of Vision at Mentor Graphics, on page 202. Fully answer questions 1, 2, and 5 located on page 202.


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Your report for solving the case must include the following headings:

Overview—Summarizing the case scenario and identifying all the problems, issues, constraints, related to the case.

Discussion Questions—Answering all the questions.


Debriefing—Reflecting your thoughts, opinions, and solutions based on the case.

Written assignments must adhere to APA style guidelines. Submit your response to the questions in an MS Word document. Use the following assignment title format: I expect 3 citations from the textbook.

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Managing Organizational Change: A Multiple Perspectives Approach


Case Study 3 MAN 4741

Visions play an important role in ensuring that any organization can attain its short- and long-term goals. Organizations often set vision statements to act as the basis for all | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | strategies need to be set forth to ensure that set visions conform to the organizational needs and expectations and that it helps the organization to achieve the desired growth as demonstrated in this task.

How Vision was used at Mentor Graphics

Having the right vision is the basics for any organizational success. Many organizations ensure that they undertake their operations within the confines of its vision | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | on the set vision could be the one of the greatest setbacks that any organization will have to | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | of Mentor Graphics, it took the company 10 years to come up with a vision that reflect its core business strategy and which enabled its decision-making strategy.

Mentor Vision relied on its vision to make key decisions towards realizing its | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | relied on its lead-dominated approach here Gerard Langeler set forth the vision for which the company’s operations are | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | initial plan stipulated in the company’s vision was to come up with something that people will embrace. Despite the strong vision created for the company, Langeler failed to communicate the vision to other employees causing delays in its | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | didn’t provide any differentiated products which resulted in it producing products that are similar to those by Daisy Systems which is the competitor (McGraw-Hill. Mason, n.d.). The new vision that was developed by Mentor Graphics was to “Beat Daisy”. The vision was initially focused on winning market shares although it did encourage its employees to be more productive. The new vision helped the company to improve its revenue streams

Whether the Vision Strengthened or Weakened the Company A good vision needs to strengthen the company and help it to attain its short and long-term goals while a weak vision is one that derails the company from attaining | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | Graphics’ main focus was to beat the | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | that was being offered by its competitor. The “Beat Daily” vision, although provided a clear direction that positively influenced the performance of its employees, it failed to show the direction the organization had to take to sustain its | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | vision weakened the company as it focused on how to attain the short-term goals and building a competitive advantage without providing a clear path on how the organization will sustain itself in the | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | also failed to provide a way in which the company will sustain its financial performance especially in the long term. The vision was a mere slogan which could not add value on the successful future of the company. Despite these weaknesses, there were positives that the company helped to bring forth. For instance, the vision developed by Kotter offered guidance for…


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