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The Power Point Presentation will follow the topic of your APA paper (no, you don’t have a choice).

Build a multi-slide presentation that encapsulates the salient points of your APA paper. APA writing style should be observed in the presentation.


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Here are some best practices you should consider:

-Yellow font on blue background is considered a good contrast.

-Font size and style should match throughout the presentation. Heading font size should match across the presentation as should the narrative or bullets for each slide. Heading font is usually larger then the narrative or bullets font size.


-Don’t forget an agenda slide.

-Three to five bullets per slide, no more, no less. Incorporate additional information in the notes section of the respective slide if needed (and it will be needed).

-APA style citations and references are expected.

-Keep graphics and other “effects” to a minimum (I suggest not using these at all).

-Don’t forget a conclusion slide.

-Don’t forget a References slide.

-Position your cover slide as your last slide (copy it) in the presentation, do not incorporate a “questions or comments” slide in your presentation as your final slide, it is considered unprofessional. When you finish your presentation, the audience should be looking at your cover slide as the last slide in the deck.

Organizational Communication Techniques

Effective communication is an essential aspect of organizational management which serves as a cornerstone for building employee trust and engagement. Communicating effectively is critical for the success of any business entity because it facilitates the implementation of general management functions such as planning, organizing, motivating, and monitoring. Therefore, the channels of communication the managers chose to pass information in an organization determine the way the information being transferred is received and processed. This essay discusses organizational communication while focusing on formal and informal communication strategies. The paper, therefore, compares and contrasts two techniques of organizational communication, which include onsite communication (informal) and employee survey (formal) techniques of communication.

Overview of Formal and Informal Organizational Communication

There are many types of business communication, but it is essential first to understand what business communication means. Organizational communication is a topic that businesses should focus on because of the effects it has on the relationship and general performance of employees. Today, many organizations are losing business and much money because of poor communications. Thus, understanding the meaning of organizational communication will lead to the advancement of the business environments leading to increased organizational performance and profits. Communication that takes place within organizations and the workplace is called organizational communication (Karanges, Johnston, Beatson & Lings, 2015). It is an extensive field because it encompasses everything …

Formal Communication

 Formal communication is employed in organizations with an organized hierarchical structure.  This kind of communication strategy enhances the smooth, accurate, and timely flow of communication through proper communication channels. For example, the managers and the executives plan how the information will be disseminated within the organization and from one department to another (Badea, 2014).  Formal communication employs various technologies, tools, and strategies which include internal meetings, organizational conferences, telephone calls, organizational newsletters, and performance reviews. Most…


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