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Following the assignment guidelines below, you will submit a written reflection paper on your nurse educator interview by the end of week 4.

Assignment Guidelines


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Your interview paper should include:


1.Who does the interviewee teach?
2.What does your interviewee teach and where?
3.Trends and changes in nursing education as experienced by the person you interviewed.
4.A reflection that compares your interview data to class readings and the literature that you reviewed prior to conducting the interview (pay special attention to trends, themes, concepts, and changes in nursing education)
5.What you learned as a result of this assignment
6.A conclusion discussing your personal thoughts, opinions, views, and insights related to the specific area of nursing education of your interviewee.


Nurse Educator Interview Paper

            Following the interview, my interaction with the interviewee led to my understanding that he teaches FNP students with an interest in providing continuing and comprehensive healthcare for the family and individual patients across all genders and ages. I also understood that the interviewee worked as a clinical instructor at VVGMC, and he teaches and trains FNP students/residents in the department of obstetrics and gynecology; he is also a preceptor at the School of Medicine at Loma Linda University and West Coast University under the physician assistant program. The interviewee’s name is Dr. V. Daniel, and he is an assistant clinical professor, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, and he has held his current position as an educator for over three decades.

           Dr. Daniel’s admission of the trends and changes in nursing education as he has experienced it in recent years as an educator, his response | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | on the context and expectation of the larger society, as well as the continuous evolution of the profession, as well as the constant changes in the nursing | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | concept also changes over | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | changes and trends in nursing education involve the adoption of technology.

Technology, from his response, has brought changes in the manner in which he teaches and relays information to his students, and it is something he admits to having | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | about how they use technology or education materials to advance the course objectives, he pointed out that he has also experienced the changes in how his students consume information from various nursing education course materials that have been aided and advanced by technology.

For example, the interviewee was quick to point out that the current trend in nursing education is evidenced by the use of high-tech as students are able to write down important nursing concepts on cellphones or laptops, as well as retrieve additional information from the Internet | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | and trends associated with nursing education potentially taught in class comprise the changing patient health demographics, advancing towards the community-based case, cost of healthcare, and expanding technology (Fawaz et al., 2018), and have significantly shaped the nursing | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | information/data drawn shows the nursing education has undergone numerous changes in trends, concepts, and themes over | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | to the class readings and past literature on the same, the changes in trends, themes, and concepts of nursing education Dr. Daniel has experienced over the


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