ASSIGNMENT HELP | Japanese Fiction in Comparative Contexts 6

James, Henry. The Turn of the Screw (Chapters 6-11)
Closely read the language of what seems to you an important passage in chapter 11.
Cite at least three lines and then write 1 page examining how the language
achieves certain effects, and why these effects are significant for a theme of the story.



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            James Henry, in Chapter 11, appears to delve deeply into the theme of the story, while using the kind of language that elicits a reaction from the reader. An author/writer like PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | the various possible ways in which his use of language can affect a reader, and it often falls under three major categories namely intellectual, imagination, PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | language used in Chapter 11 achieves certain effects by eliciting the reader’s emotions.

For instance, such lines as “my face should tell no tales, PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | it would have been, in the conditions, an immense added strain to find myself anxious about hers” (Henry 77) and “But she was a magnificent monument to the blessing of a want of imagination, and if she could see in our little charges nothing but their beauty PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | present the highest form of imagination that only a critical reader canPLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT |lines trigger the reader’s imagination while providing snippets of what the section means in relation to the intention of the author to convey a PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | triggering an imagination is “I had made her a receptacle of lurid things, but there was an odd recognition of my superiority – my accomplishments and my function – in her patience under my pain” (Henry 77). Lastly, the PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | of imagination created in this chapter mean it advances the theme of the story through the reality of …


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