ASSIGNMENT HELP | Introduction: Who you are why you chose this topic.

Introduction: Who you are why you chose this topic. What this drug is for and what it does.

History: Who first made this drug, who were the earliest user? When did this drug go into wide use? When
was it patented? FDA approved?


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Classification of this drug: Is it a barbiturate? Is it an analgesic? Define the class, explain what a barbiturate or analgesic or what your class of drug is.

Generics: All other names used. All drugs in same class.

How is this drug made: What is the base structure for this drug, for example, if it’s a morphine derivative show the poppy, the
molecule and where it is found.
Show drugs that have similar chemical structures to the drug.
Show the actual chemical structure.


Pros and Cons to this drug: Why would someone choose this drug over another in the same class? What are the
benefits? Short term and long term side effects. Is it teratogenic? What does this mean? Contraindications?

Where does this drug show up in the scientific literature: Must include name and author of paper and tell what this particular study looked at. Explain experimental methods and the results of this study.


Clinical trials with this drug: What study was performed testing this drug? What was tested? What were the results?
Cite paper and author(s) for clinical trial.

How this drug interacts with the body, pharmicokinetics and pharmacodynamics: What is the half life of this drug? What
does that mean? What are the by products (if any) are these toxic? What parts of the body does this drug
interact with? How does it exert its function?


Toxicity Test: Is this drug tested for toxicity? If so, how often is the blood levels checked? What are the normal values?

References: 4 References from anywhere. One reference must be a peer-reviewed paper, one must be on a clinical trial.


As an undergraduate student in the nursing profession, a nurse is suitably placed within community and inpatient settings to offer advice, information, and observe drug effects on PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | for choosing this topic is that medication competence involves not only accurate drug administration but also a thorough understanding of drugs, their metabolisms, absorption, and elimination from the body PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT |as a nurse to know the target receptors and the accompanying outcomes, whether positive or negative as well as applying the concepts to real-world PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | is an anticonvulsant medication used to treat manic bipolar disorder symptoms as well as seizures and preventing migraines.

History of Depakote

Carraz and Meunier discovered the antiepileptic characteristics of valproic acid in 1967, which was later widely used to treat epilepsy as sodium valproate in PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | has marketed Depakote as medication for treating epilepsy since 1983. Before Depakote, the FDA had only approved lithium as medication PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | until May 1995 that the FDA approved Depakote PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | approved Abbot Laboratories to manufacture Depakote(R) tablets to prevent migraines (Lempérière, 2001).

Classification of Depakote Depakote is a drug belonging to the anticonvulsants class of PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | medications that are sometimes used in the treatment of manic episodes related to bipolar disorders. Anticonvulsants help to calm hyperactivity in the brain in different ways. As such, these drugs are used in the treatment…


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