ASSIGNMENT HELP | Influence of Politics and Power

Create a double-spaced 5 to 7 page report that addresses the following:
1) Influence of Politics and Power
• Explain how politics and power-play may have influenced the organization’s culture.
2) Sources of Power
• Explore the sources of power and describe how management could use this influence to benefit your department and improve organizational performance.


3) Leadership Behavior and Culture
• Make recommendations that support how the study of power and politics could influence leadership behavior and improve the organization’s culture.
4) Leadership Influence
• Discuss the importance and complexity of leadership behavior.
How does it influence organizational structure and performance?


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5) References and Citations
• Provide at least 2 quality resources.
• In-text citations are required when paraphrasing or quoting another source.
6) Formatting and Writing Standards
• Formatting and writing standards are part of your grade. Align your formatting to the Strayer Writing Standards.


It takes many factors (both internal and external) to have a successful and smooth operation of any organization. Some of the internal factors include decision-making ability and the general leadership within the PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT |
politics and power-play may impact on the culture and general performance of an organization. According to the Harvard business review report, whatever it is that an organization may involve in (instruments of problem-solving, sociotechnical systems or systems of reward and many more) are all PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | not surprising that influential business people cling on their political connections to thrive. Some business executives find power and politics as entities that ought to be separated from business operations. The purpose of this paper is to critically analyze the place of power, politics, and culture in undertaking an organization’s operations.

Influence of Politics and Power

In any kind of organization, people have a great contribution to make, starting with decision making, resource allocation, and organizational structure. In any kind of decision within organizations, there have to be choices which in most cases involve politics or power for them to be adopted or PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | of power and influence, therefore, provide a platform for intra-organizational relations that have become a norm in many organizations. There are many ways in which politics and power can influence an organization’s culture. First, it can encourage the culture of over-dependence on certain individuals for any decision-making process. It is not surprising to note that some organizations over-rely on certain individuals other than offices for their decision-making process owing to the influence they are perceived to have in the organization. In an ideal organizational structure, it matters not who is in office as long as structures are right. Politics and power-play, however, may completely change the structure of an organization. Survival in an organization, especially on a managerial level is in itself a PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | and flexing of muscles may negatively impact an organization in terms of leadership as a good leader can be subjected to frustrations, which may eventually make him/ her resign earlier than expected. It is also important to note that power and influence work better based on organizational political camps or groupings, which may easily emerge in organizations. When such a case emerges, the culture of the organization will change…


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