ASSIGNMENT HELP | In general, what are the characteristics of a good problem statement?

Select and read 1 risk management article.

Locate 2 additional scholarly resources about the same topic as the risk article you selected.


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Consider the following questions in relation to the article you selected:

• In general, what are the characteristics of a good problem statement? Consider examples of evidence that support the significance of the problem.
• How does the problem statement align with the research questions?
• How does the problem contribute to professional knowledge and practice?
• What are some assumptions, assertions, and inferences made by the author and yourself in relation to each of the content specific research components within your discipline?
• Include recommendations for future action based on your research.


A good problem statement guides the research process and helps to yield viable conclusions from the research process. Numerous characteristics define a good problem statement. Firstly, a good problem statement should be brief and precise to capture the interest of the reader (Boswell & Cannon, 2018). Being too wordy and ambiguous may make the research lose focus and the audience fails to understand the direction of the research. The problem statement …


Secondly, a problem statement must be measurable. It should be measurable in terms of the frequency, quantity, and target population. One way to establish if a problem has been addressed by research is to compare the result after the solution has been implemented with the initial situation in the problem statement. It should also describe the impact of the solution being sought on the target population for which the research is targeted. In the article by Drach‐Zahavy & Hadid (2015), the problem statement measures how handover strategies impact treatment …


Thirdly, a good problem statement must show how the process activities are related to the problem. This makes it possible to work out the systems and the people that are affected by the problem. It facilitates the establishment of the scope of the requirements for resolving the issue (Nieswiadomy & Bailey, 2018).

The problem statement leads to the development of specific research | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | the understanding that a problem may have different facets. While the problem statement entails a | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | to be used in solving and identifies the problem, research questions help the researcher to define exactly what needs to be determined by the research at hand. The problem statement should anchor the research questions by offering a concise statement about the purpose of the research. For example in the research | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | between standardization and resilience, and this is closely related to the specific research questions that seek answers to how nurses handle handover at shift changes and what working strategies do they employ to | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | in the three research articles was the nursing shift handover strategies and how they influence patient safety. The problem is relevant to the nursing profession as it touches on the aspect of | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | articles provide knowledge and insights into how nurses can enhance the quality of their patient care by handling shift handling ap | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | which shift handling strategy between standardization and resilience is the most suitable in any given situation. Santos et al., (2019) for instance finds that noise during shift handover in the intensive care unit…


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