Assignment Help | Identify the psychotherapeutic approach that the group facilitator is using, and explain why she might be using this approach.

In a 2- to 3-page paper, address the following:

Identify the psychotherapeutic approach that the group facilitator is using, and explain why she might be using this approach.
Determine whether or not you would use the same psychotherapeutic approach if you were the counselor facilitating this group, and justify your decision.
Identify an alternative approach to group therapy for addiction, and explain why it is an appropriate option.
Support your position with evidence-based literature.
Note: The School of Nursing requires that all papers submitted include a title page, introduction, summary, and references. The sample paper provided by the Walden Writing Center provides examples of those required elements (available at All papers submitted must use this formatting.


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Psychotherapeutic Approaches to Group Therapy

The evaluation and understanding of a patient’s primary characteristics is significant in group therapies. This is because a patient’s primary characteristics could be attributed to a number of challenging disorders such as post-traumatic stress disorder. Therefore, the choice of the most appropriate and suitable approach to providing the best therapy services to groups poses a lot of challenges to group | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | different psychotherapeutic approaches that are used when dealing with groups in therapy, coupled with Levy’s family videos. The paper focuses on Mr. Levy, an alcoholic that abuses alcohol so as to get over his past traumatic experiences that he underwent …

The group facilitator begins the entire therapy session by the use of individual therapy. This approach is designed to help the group facilitator to gain an understanding of the client’s primary characteristics and simple beliefs. This approach makes it easy for the facilitator to strengthen their relationships with | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | the individual therapy approach, she was able to identify and recognize Levy’s continued use and abuse of alcohol, his continued deteriorating family relationship and post-traumatic stress disorder from his experience during the Iraq war. All these …

One of the notable approaches is the use of the desensitization theory to help Levy to overcome his anger issues and anxiety. The application of this approach, | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | on classical conditioning, and its sole aim is to remove the fear and response to phobia. Systematic desensitization allows a person to substitute their conditional stimulus gradually. There are three significant steps to using this type of approach. The first step is where the patient is taught a number of deep muscle relaxation techniques such as breathing control. This is not any different from Levy’s case. The group facilitator takes time to teach him how to gain control over his increased breathing rate before he can introduce any other technique. The second step involves the patient creating different stimuli hierarchy so that through the same structure, the therapist is able to design a way that they can manage the patient’s issues and challenges. Lastly, the patient works through the hierarchy from the least unpleasant stimuli to the most …

The other approach that the group facilitator used is exposure therapy, where Levy was put in positions that he could confront his fears especially the ones related to the Iraq war. According to Abramowitz, Deacon and Whiteside (2019), exposure therapy is a form of therapy that is designed to help people who are fearful about certain things in their lives to confront them without | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | exposes one to their fears in order to break the pattern of fear and avoidance. The facilitators’ choice of this therapy was designed to solely help address Levy’s post-traumatic stress disorders. According to Abramowitz et al. (2019), exposure therapy is considered to be one of the best behavioral treatments for Post-Traumatic | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | of exposure therapy helps people to identify learned behaviors that make people do things in response to the situations they were in. The group facilitator is seen using a number of imaginal exposure techniques where she asks him to imagine and help him confront his thoughts of | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | used the same technique and approach had I been given the role of the facilitator of the group therapy. I would use exposure therapy because it is a well-established treatment that would help me focus on Levy’s traumatic experiences in Iraq while providing suitable solutions and recommendations on how to deal with it. Remember that the use of exposure methods has proven to be very successful in confronting…


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