Assignment Help | Identify the issue and state your ethical position.

In your 2-3 page paper:
Identify the issue and state your ethical position.
How might this scenario play out or impact you in your role as a nurse practitioner?
Defend your position with legal, ethical, and professional evidence.
As part of your position, propose strategies and solutions for addressing the issues.
What other ethical issues does this case bring to light, if any?
Support your position with at least one scholarly source (it may be your text). Be sure to cite the article you choose, use APA format, and include a title page and reference page. Below is the AMA Journal of Ethics Case.
Case and Commentary

Jun 2019
How Should Organizations Respond to Racism Against Health Care Workers?
Ann Marie Garran, PhD and Brian M. Rasmussen, PhD


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Contemporary Issue Position Essay

When it comes to racism against health care workers, organizations should have a zero-tolerance policy toward such instances, whether they are by patients or other staff members. Health care practitioners, especially those of color, are subject to racist acts and insinuations from patients who would instead be attended to by white clinicians (Garran & Rasmussen, 2019). The management and leadership should ensure that all their staff receives respectful treatment despite their ethnic descent.

Racism is a moral issue that has its foundation on the doctrine of either inferiority or superiority, dependent on the idea of color (Johnstone & Knitsaski, 2010). For example, in the mind of the patient in the journal, a white doctor would provide better health care services than the African-American doctor. The lack of a response from the clinician when the patient makes such remarks suggests that he holds the same opinion.

Acts of racism go against ethical standards in the health care profession (Nelson, Prasad & Hackman, 2015). Such actions defy the right for an individual to be different, consider themselves as different, and be regarded as different. Racists offer the assumption that being different is not acceptable.

Secondly, since all human beings biologically belong to the same species, everyone should be treated with dignity and accorded equal rights despite the color of their skin (Nelson et al., 2015). The patient in the case study should have granted the health care provider the same level of respect given to a white doctor.

Thirdly, realizing that every individual possesses equal faculties to attain the highest level of technical, economic, social, political, and intellectual development is crucial in developing the right attitude toward other human beings (Nelson et al., 2015). The patient’s notion that the health care provider was less qualified due to the color of her skin was a very misleading concept and should not be supported.


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