ASSIGNMENT HELP | Identification of Area of Interest

For this discussion the focus is on presenting the area of interest for the evidence-based practice proposal that is required for this course.

State your area of research or evidence-based practice (EBP) interest from NR 500; remember that the topic must be consistent with your specialty track.
State your MSN program specialty track and defend how your selected area of research or EBP interest from NR 500 is consistent with your selected MSN program track.
Would you like to change your area of research or EBP interest from NR 500? Why or why not?
If you changed or modified your area of research or EBP interest, please identify the revised area of research.
Defend how your area of research/EBP interest is of importance to the MSN program specialty track you have selected—scholarly references are required.
Identify an initial PICOT/PICo question that reflects you area of interest for the evidence-based practice proposal that is required for this course.


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Evidence based practice involves using individual clinical experiences as well as best evaluated clinical evidence based on research for clinical practice. It is crucial as it provides best clinical care to the patients.

Area of research

My identified area of research/ identified evidence-based practice is Infection control. Since my specialist track is Nurse Educator and hence supposed to educate the public either in classrooms or in clinical set-ups, I find the chosen evidence based practice quite appropriate. This is because in infection control, I educate people on how to prevent illnesses before they happen maybe by initiating hygienic environments through wearing of gloves, using barrier precautions and also practicing hand washing.

MSN Program Specialty and Its Relevance to EBP

My chosen MSN specialty track is nurse educator. The identified EBP is consistent with the MSN program in that whereas the roles of nurse educators are continued education specialist as well as work hand in hand with students in a class setting, the identified EBP is part of this education plan as infection and infectious diseases form part of the many discussions that are held in a nurse educators’ class. Even though the nurses have many responsibilities bestowed on them, infection control and educating others about it is worth undertaking.

Would You Like to Change Your Area of Research or EBP Interest from NR 500? Why or Why Not? I wish not to change my area of research/ EBP interest as it was in NR 500. The role of a nurse educator will give me enough experience in my nursing career. The many roles that a nurse educator has, has given a clear relation with what my identified EBP is. Of late, hospital acquired infections are very common yet it is the last information an admitted patient would wish to have happened to him/her. Nurses therefore play a crucial role in ensuring that illnesses that can be acquired through a hospital setting are avoided as much as possible (Dogherty, Harrison, Graham, Vandyk, & Keeping‐Burke, 2013). I therefore can’t change this area of research as I wish to understand the various ways through which patients contract diseases and how nurses can help mitigate the issue. Learning about infection


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