ASSIGNMENT HELP | How many disorders can you find?

Using the Internet, conduct a search of autoimmune disorders. How many disorders can you find? What tissues can be attacked by your immune system? Select one autoimmune disease to summarize. What are the common signs and symptoms exhibited in a patient with this disease?



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Your response should be at least one page in length. Include at least one reference to support your work in APA format. You are required to use at least your textbook as source material for your response. All sources used, including the textbook, must be referenced; paraphrased and quoted material must have accompanying citations.


Autoimmune disorders are diseases that occur due to the abnormal activity of the immune system, which may cause the body to attack itself and damage its tissues. Therefore, the only way to treat these disorders is by reducing the immune system’s activity which can be done with the use of appropriate medication depending on the illness. Several diseases fall in this category, for example, multiple sclerosis.

Multiple sclerosis is a potentially disabling ailment because it attacks an individual’s central nervous system. The overactivity of the immune system affects the myelin, which is the shielding sheath covering the nerve fibres responsible for sending signals from the brain to the rest of the body. If it progresses, it tends to cause irreparable damage and deterioration of the affected nerves (Izquierdo, 2017). While there is | GET AN EXPERT FOR YOUR ASSIGNMENT | cure for this disease, treatment may | GET AN EXPERT FOR YOUR ASSIGNMENT | in managing the multiple symptoms and speed up recovery from attacks. The signs and symptoms of this disorder are dependent on the progression and site of the nerve damage. Some of the most common signs are weakness in one of the | GET AN EXPERT FOR YOUR ASSIGNMENT | or one side of the body at any one time.

The patient may also have electric shock sensations when they make specific movements such as bending the neck | GET AN EXPERT FOR YOUR ASSIGNMENT | of coordination, unstable gait and possible tremors are also a common occurrence | GET AN EXPERT FOR YOUR ASSIGNMENT | some cases, the patient may | GET AN EXPERT FOR YOUR ASSIGNMENT | some vision problems, such as blurred vision, prolonged double vision, painful eye movements and a complete or partial loss of sight. An individual may also suffer | GET AN EXPERT FOR YOUR ASSIGNMENT | subtle indicators that may be confused for something else. | GET AN EXPERT FOR YOUR ASSIGNMENT | include fatigue, pain in different parts of the body, dizziness, slurred speech, bowel issues, as well as bladder or sexual functions.


Ghasemi, N., Razavi, S., & Nikzad, E. (2017). Multiple sclerosis: pathogenesis, symptoms, diagnoses and cell-based therapy. Cell Journal (Yakhteh)19(1), 1.

Izquierdo, G. (2017). Multiple sclerosis symptoms and spasticity management: new data. Neurodegenerative Disease Management7(6s), 7-11.


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