ASSIGNMENT HELP | How does Ernesto’s experience in the text and film provide us with a (de)tropicalizing narrative?

We culminate in our final week returning to dominant-narrative and counter-narrative constructions and making connections to self. We are reading our last text, “Motorcycle Diaries” where we will explore a young Ernesto “Che” Guevara through his travel diaries and his experiences throughout South America. Keep in mind how Ernesto engages in “de-tropicalizing” experience with the peoples, land, and culture through his travels.



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Essay Questions:
-How does Ernesto\’s experience in the text and film provide us with a (de)tropicalizing narrative?
-How do the text and film provide a critically conscious way to travel, visit, and engage in cultural exchanges while journeying through foreign lands and communities?
-After spending this semester analyzing, dialoguing, reflecting and engaging in knowledge, how do Che’s words, “let the world change you and you can change the world,” give you insight into a humanizing way of understanding and being in the world?
-What “traveling” and “journeying” do you need to take to deepen your humanity? Include your external and internal traveling.


Motorcycle Diaries Final Essay

The movie “Motorcycle Diaries” is no doubt one of the rated movies with most people placing it on their watch lists. Its director arguably did a commendable job of combining both truths and fictions to bring out the real experience that Che Guevara PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | portrayal of the historical subject matter as well as the humanity aspect that can be realized when the actor meets people along the way makes it a must-watch film for most people. As a medical student tired of school, the revolutionary journey started when El Che opted to tour Latin America PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | that Che went through made him one of the greatest guerilla leaders with an association of the former Cuban president PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | the different aspects of the movie and its influence on a literary perspective.

How the experience provides a (de)tropicalizing narrative?

This movie can be said to be a great motivation and an eye-opener to anyone seeking to be energized based on real case scenarios to prove a PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | Che Guevara in the movie depicts a young man determined to stop at nothing until he achieves what he wants. Starting as a lark punctuated with pranks, the movie goes ahead to reveal the poverty and injustices that the people of Latin America…

The political and social awakening was particularly defined by the face to face cases he witnessed such as illness, people who are impoverished, general PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | in a middle-class family with parents struggling to see him go to school, it was heartening for Che to learn that people can suffer that much at the hands of a reigning political class. The tone of the movie is that of defiance and the urge for…

Even though as per text Che was never a distinguished medical school student and showed less interest in college politics, his urge PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | Che as a person who defied the expectations of society to pursue his ambition of traveling. It is the traveling that changed his perception about life and hence …

How the film and text provide a conscious way to travel

Travelling can be a pleasant experience and fun depending on the means of travel that one opts to use. In most cases, traveling can be for fun or tourism especially when people go PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | kind of traveling, however, is by use of flight of the place is very far, train or even by bus. In this film however, Che presents a different kind of travel that takes very long for one to reach the destination. The use of a motorcycle can be one of the most stressful ways of travel as PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | people with the urge to experiencing new cultures to use instruments that can help them engage with the people. The motorcycle allows one to take stops at will, take pictures and even undertake one on one engagements with people in foreign lands.

Even for those who have been in Latin America, watching this movie ignites their urge to travel back and experience probably what Che PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | have been possible for Che to experience the real challenges that people of Latin America went through had he used another means of transport can be a PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | time spent in traveling gave him the most practical experience about the society which probably one cannot get by being a PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | way to travel therefore is to use means that can allow one to fully engage the people and stay longer at the place of travel.

How Che’s words bring out humanity

Words are powerful so they say as they can define the outcome of PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | can be said to PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT |as an agent of a personality change and eventually the person as the agent of change in another person. These words imply that if people are conscious of what happens in the world, they will be motivated to make it a PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | an open book that every human must learn and use to impact PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | words and the inspiring movie produced after …


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