Assignment Help | Have any legal or ethical rights of the student been breached?

Ethical Rights of Students (Graded)

You have some concerns about one of the students in your class. You have a good friend who is a faculty member in the English Department, and you ask him to come to your private office to talk about the student. About 10 minutes into the conversation, you turn toward the door and see the specific student standing in your office doorway. Obviously, she has been listening to the conversation for a while. Have any legal or ethical rights of the student been breached? What would you do next?


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Moral rights of students perform an essential role in creating a foundation of all the actions that take place in learning institutions. The rights help model academic integrity by making the faculties to be fair and respectful to students. They also help students understand the expectations of the learning institution they are part of and what is expected in the chosen profession (Martinov-Bennie & Mladenovic, 2015). It is essential that moral rights are well known to both the students and the educators to promote a learning environment rich in academic integrity.

Procedures of solving issues concerning students should, therefore, be assessed to ensure they do not violate the outlined ethical rights of students. The case study indicates a breach of the student’s rights according to the FERPA act of 1974. The student’s educational records and private information were shared between two parties without her consent or the permission of her parents, which makes it a breach of the students’ rights (Cunha, 2018). Therefore, the student has the legal right to file complaints against the learning institution and the involved educators for the violation of the FERPA privacy regulations.

Since the student had been listening to the conversation for a while, the best step will be to involve her in the discussion. She can help identify the best solutions for the concerns since she is the one affected and therefore conversing with her may help the educator to identify the cause of the problem (Cunha, 2018). Second, involving the student in the process will help make her understand that the whole process and discussion was for her benefit which will help reduce the possibilities of the student filing a complaint.


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