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Short Paper
Students will write a short (~4-5 pg) paper on an artist (with attention to one or two artworks or a series), about a specific art show, film, performance, or even a discourse/ trend within the arts that is exemplified by one or two art works.
Please describe the object/event/example and provide some background (but do not give whole artist bios unless it is absolutely pertinent). The greater goal is to draw out the themes of the work—especially vis-a-vis a theme from queer art.
You are welcome to draw from the syllabus—perhaps think about works that we did not discuss specifically but which are germane to our class, perhaps by an artist we discussed but not a work we discussed specifically. Feel free to write to me with ideas. If you did present, you are encouraged to write about something you presented on—or a related example—but you may also choose something new. I’ll count the presentations as extra credit.
Please take this as an opportunity to think about something that really interests you. You could develop this paper into a thesis project, think about the work in light of your own practice (please feel free to write about your own interests/preoccuaptions/lives in this text). This is a great chance to think about how your practice is queer, so you
might think in those ways if you have not decided on a topic.
You might also think about trying to place this somewhere as a publication. I am happy to help revise and suggest venues if this is of interest to you.


The final exam format will be as follows: Write 2 short answers ~250 words describing a work from our syllabus in line with a text/theory from our conversations. Then I will ask you to write another ~500 words explaining a few themes in one of our units (i.e. ‘queer urbanism,’ ‘queer of color critique’) and illustrating your points with examples of work
from that day.
I will provide a list of works/topics at the start of a window of time—2-3 days—during which you can write the exam and send it to me.
In lieu of the final exam, student are encouraged to write another 5 pages on a specific strain of theory from our class, drawing from readings in order to summarize key ideas and interventions. Consider starting with a central idea from one of our texts and


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The focus is on a specific art scene/show – the Los Angeles punk scene of the 1970s and 1980s. The artist doubles up as an art historian and a writer known to have advanced a subculture/discourse/trend – “Queercore”. The Los Angeles Punk Scene was one of the Big Three punk scenes (others were New York and London) to develop, but it was neither diverse in terms of music nor was it adventurous. The last two decades, however, have seen “band reunions, reissues to exhibitions, and | GET AN EXPERT FOR YOUR ASSIGNMENT | has been termed a corrective more varying reductive histories New York and Britain benefited from. It was also considered as a revision of different accounts that characterized the Southern California punk scene. Of importance, therefore, is to explore the 1970s and 1980s Los Angeles punk scene by examining the performances the scene was notable…


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