ASSIGNMENT HELP | For this presentation you will need to select 3 different general healthcare careers.

 Powerpoint Presentation: Career Exploration

For this presentation you will need to select 3 different general healthcare careers. You will be gathering information for each of these careers as described in the table below. The number of slides used will differ depending on how you choose to present the information but there should be a minimum of 10 slides and a maximum of 20. One of the slides will be a title slide. You will need to include 3 references for your research so 1 of the slides will be reference slide. Everything in between those two slides in considered to be content. The second table below will help you to better understand how you will be graded for this presentation. Since this is an online course and we can not present to each other what career options that we find interesting you will instead need to add speaker notes to the presentation. After creating the powerpoint you need to change to notes view. Then you can add speaker notes in the notes area. This should be a script of what you would be saying if you were presenting. These speaker notes are going to be graded. You can use complete sentences or bullet points. Information to Include Details Careers


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  • General career title (doctor) not specific (cardiologist)
  • Brief description of the career


  • Education requirements to include: at least 1 school that offers this education, number of years of education and other details about the education that you think are important (ie. Costs)
  • Certifications, Licenses or Credentials required

Skills and Experience

  • Skills and experience specific to this career (ie. A transcriptionist would need to be able to type a certain number of words per minute)
  • What are employers looking for in job listings for this career?

Job Outlook/Potential

  • What is the outlook for this career in the CNY area?
  • Can you work in this career anyway or is the license limited to NYS?
  • Starting Salary range

Pros and Cons

  • A list of good and bad about this career (remember that positive and negative aspects of a career are different for each person)


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