ASSIGNMENT HELP | Find a case that has been investigated by The Innocence Project.

Find a case that has been investigated by The Innocence Project. Find out as much as you can about the initial investigation, arrest, and trial. Based on everything you have learned in this course, compose a 3-4 page paper illustrating three errors made during the investigation, arrest, detention, or trial, that negatively affected the defendant\’s case. Cite your sources.



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The Innocence Project is a non-profit legal organization that focuses on the exoneration of wrongly convicted individuals through PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | also seeks to reform the criminal justice system to minimize future injustices. Founded in 1992, the Innocence Project argues that between 2.3 and 5 percent of PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | in the United States are PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | who have been exonerated by the Innocence Project is Richard Alexander from Indiana. Alexander was wrongly convicted of rape in 1997. In 2001, however, Michael Murphy confessed to two of the murders for which the former had been PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT |prompted DNA tests, which proved that Alexander was indeed innocent. Following the development, prosecutors in Indiana began to believe that the accused was not responsible for the said crimes. He was exonerated in December 2001 and released from prison after having served five years.


Errors Made During Investigation, Arrest, Detention, and trial

The processes leading to the arrest and conviction of Richard Alexander were characterized by numerous errors that resulted in the wrongful conviction of the PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | of Alexander was surrounded by what appeared to be PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | and wrongful identification. During the early hours of 24th July 1996, Alexander was stopped by police officers when riding his back through the River Park neighborhood. The police claimed that he had a resemblance to the description given by the victim. The police then took a picture of Alexander after he denied any connection with the rape PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | stopped two more African-American males in connection with the rape crimes. On showing the victims of Alexander’s picture, none of them identified him as the PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | witnesses claimed that he was the PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | but displayed different levels of certainty. Another witness, Agnone, also chose Alexander due to his facial features, despite the fact that she had never described PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT |of the victim’s fiancée, also identified Alexander after claiming that the perpetrator was dark-skinned, black, 5’9”, a long face, did not have a beard and wore PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT |of Alexander is defined PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | errors in the techniques as well as PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | used to identify the attacker. First of all, it was unfair to profile individuals at the park only because the attacks occurred in the area. The police subjected innocent people to thorough questioning, profiling, and picture taking only because they were in the proximity of the park. Further, the police provided pictures of Alexander to individuals who claimed to have witnessed the crime before they could describe the assailant. By making…


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