ASSIGNMENT HELP | Explore ways that telehealth can be utilized on a global scale and cite an example. How do they utilize this technology in their practice? What are some obstacles that must be overcome?

On a global scale, telehealth can be utilized as a recent revolution in healthcare to change the paradigm of care, while allowing for the improvement in access and health outcomes in more cost-effective ways. For instance, telehealth can be utilized to increase access to quality care, especially for remote patients, to be able to access and obtain clinical services (Boxer, 2015). Healthcare institutions/hospitals in remote areas can use telehealth to provide intensive care and emergency services. Accordingly, telehealth can be used through mobile devices and computers to access health cases remotely in the form of digital information and communication technology to …

           At the same time, the telehealth technology has been utilized in practice, especially in developed countries, where trained specialists have managed to diagnose and treat patients with different health conditions thousands of miles away from their residence | GET AN EXPERT FOR YOUR ASSIGNMENT | scenarios where laboratory tests and radiographic images have embraced telehealth where tests are easily interpreted for the recovery and betterment of the patients. In the United States, for instance, close to 90,000 telehealth consults are conducted every month and is characterized by remote monitoring | GET AN EXPERT FOR YOUR ASSIGNMENT | telehealth revolution has reduced the need for…


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           Lastly, there are challenges associated with telehealth that must be overcome. Payment is an issue since there is no payment parity guarantee between telehealth and in-person care. Misdiagnosis is also a major issue associated with telemedicine | GET AN EXPERT FOR YOUR ASSIGNMENT | as a diagnosis occurs in an in-person health case, it tends to increase with telehealth as there are no clear standard care legislations establish (Kruse et al., 2018). Other challenges associated with telemedicine include limited implementation around the world, in addition to the lack of enough …


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