Assignment Help | Explain why you chose the particular educational strategy. Why is it an effective strategy for the population?

Explain why you chose the particular educational strategy. Why is it an effective strategy for the population?
Describe cultural barriers to disease prevention and health promotion in the population. This might include things such as CAM, language, religious beliefs, and so on. | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT |
Explain how your educational strategy can help overcome some of the barriers you described.
Support your work with valid scholarly resources.



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Health Promotion and Disease Prevention

Health promotion in communities is an essential step implemented by most administrators to ensure effective running of all other sectors of the economy. The process involves analysis of people’s environment to identify disease-causing factors and creating timely measures to protect the population from infections. It also deals with providing proper medical care to individuals identified with health challenges which promote the wellbeing of the entire society (Beard & Bloom, 2015). After a considerate amount of research, I came to a conclusion that the elderly population

Community Involvement

The approach includes studying and understanding the society in which the elderly population belongs. The health promotion process should be modified to ensure it does not violate any of the practices of the target community. Community engagement process builds rapport and trust with the community members and encourages them to get involved and support the process. Including the society as a whole in helping the elderly population makes them feel included in the process hence increasing their input towards helping promote health standards of the diverse community.  It also helps in the emergence and identification of potential donors towards the health promotion activity from the people towards their aging relatives (Stambler et al., 2015). Transparency and reduced disparities are also encouraged when this method is used to promote health standards. Public health care

Challenges Encountered

The process of solving health problems in rural areas is limited by several barriers that should be overcome to ensure a healthy population. Some of the identified barriers that are likely to create challenges include community isolation because of the demographics, poor healthcare infrastructure, language barriers, and religious beliefs. The problems are highly experienced while attempting to promote the health conditions of the elderly because of the high frequency of illnesses as the individual’s age. According to the community analysis, the elderly comprise of individuals from different ethnic groups, culture, and religion (Suzman et al., 2015). The healthcare provision…

Measures to Overcome the Challenges As discussed above, involving the community in the program is essential to tackle the issue effectively. Through community awareness programs, society as a whole can be educated about the importance of working together towards helping in the improvement of the health status of their aging members (Jin et al., 2015).  The education program must be efficient enough to instill the need to support the aging population. The situation should create a condition where the entire community feels the responsibility to take care of the medical needs of the aging and the medical practitioners are only…


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