ASSIGNMENT HELP | Every leader is unique in their own way.

Directions: Respond to at least two of your colleagues on two different days by making recommendations for how they might strengthen the leadership behaviors profiled in their CliftonStrengths Assessment, or by commenting on lessons to be learned from the results that can be applied to personal leadership philosophies and behaviors.
Gina Manhart
RE: Discussion – Week 5
Strength Finder
Every leader is unique in their own way. Leaders all have traits that define them and help them become the leader they see as one who can handle the situations at hand. Ken Sammet mentioned that good leadership is when there is communication, respect, integrity and when individuals want to follow in your footprints (Laureate, 2014). What one leader may have as a strength, may be another one’s weakness. I see this all the time in the workplace that I am currently in and understanding the difference that leaders have, it helps the team be well rounded and be able to work together. This discussion board is going to explain what strengths I have or could have as a leader and what I would like to strengthen in order to become a better leader.
My Results
Every leader is unique and not all leadership skills are essential to be a good leader (Marshall & Broome, 2017). What makes me a good leader, may be completely different from what makes someone else a good leader. According to Walden’s strength assessment, the areas that I am strong in include the following: developer (seeing the best in people), responsibility (taking ownership), consistency (maintaining balance), belief (strong values), & includer (eliminates exclusion) (Walden, 2020). When I found out my number one strength was developer in the relationship builder section, I found this very fitting because I had to pull certified nursing assistants (CNAs) aside and we had to work out some issues that they were having with each other. It got a little heated and both were ready to walk out the door, but because they were able to voice their thoughts and vent, they were able to be at peace with things. However, they were still upset so I was able to visit with each one of them afterwards and hear their sides. With this communication, they both were able to calm down and we were able to finish the day out, just fine. I was able to help them realize their weaknesses, but also recognize the things they are good at, so they could use that as their strength to go forward. I feel that these findings are accurate. Even though this assessment was able to point out some areas in leadership that I am strong in, some areas have room for improvement.
Areas to Strengthen
two core values, two strengths, and two characteristics that you would like to strengthen based on the results of your StrengthsFinder assessment. Be specific.
Leadership styles are important because they affect patient outcomes and the quality of care given among staff members (Sfantou et al, 2017). Due to this impact, leaders need to watch for areas that they can improve on. Two core values that I feel that I need to work on would be courage and resilience. A lot of times, I feel that I’m not qualified enough to speak up or that my voice doesn’t matter. By becoming more courageous, I feel that the ideas that I feel are important, could improve the facility I work for in different areas that are needing improvement. The next core value that I would like to work on is resilience. When there are setbacks, I often have a hard time bouncing back and going forward. I often feel discouraged and often doubt myself. If I could find the drive to see past the setback, I feel that it would become easier and easier to overcome small roadblocks. One quality of a good leader is recognizing that he/she is not perfect and that is okay.
Two strengths that I would like to improve on is situational awareness and effective negotiation skills. A lot of time, when I find myself in situations that are contentious or hard, I get defensive and frustrated. If I could be more aware and listen more to how individuals are feeling about the information they are presenting, I feel that the situation could be better handle. The other strength I would like to improve on would negotiation skills. Sometimes, I struggle with negotiation and have a hard time giving a little when I don’t see the benefit of doing so. This is something that I would like to improve on.
Two characteristics about myself that I would like to work on is slowing down and to quit overthinking. At times, I see myself trying to hurry through something, so I can make sure to get everything completed at work that I sometimes miss something, such as entering the correct start date on an order then I have to go back and re-do it. Had I just slowed down in the first place, I wouldn’t have had to re-do it. Another area is to quit overthinking. Often, I let myself get worked up about certain things and it just fuels the fire. Working on just letting somethings go, can help me focus on what truly matters.
Being a good leader doesn’t mean that you have to be perfect. However, being a good leader means that you can recognize areas that you are strong in and you can recognize areas that you can improve in. It also means that you are setting a good example to your co-workers so they will want to follow in your footsteps and to also strive to do better so they can provide the best quality of care possible to their patients. Having a better understanding of my strengths, will help me to see the good I have as a leader and I can use that to help me be better in the areas I’m not so strong in.
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Kernie Robin
RE: Discussion – Week 5
Summary of the StrengthsFinder assessment
Executing, influencing, relationship building and strategic thinking are the four domains of team strength. The desire to learn and the want for continual improvement defined by the strength learner, commitment to stable values such as honesty and the ability to take psychological ownership to achieve a commitment referred to as the strength responsibility, the strength achiever described as the possession of stamina and having satisfaction in the ability to be busy and productive, the strength context defined as the ability to understand the present by researching history, and the strength analytical described as the ability to think about all factors that may affect a situation are my five strengths according to the Clifton StrengthsFinder Assessment. The learner, context and analytical strengths are attributed to the strategic thinking domain. Strategic thinking ensures that the team is focused and enhances decision making. The strengths of achiever and responsibility in the execution domain define implementors of solutions (StrengthsFinder Assessment, 2018).
Core values, strengths and characteristics that need strengthening
According to the StrengthFinder assessment, my strengths are majorly on strategic thinking and executing. Strengthening strengths in the influencing and relationship-building domains would enhance my leadership capabilities. Some of the strengths I would like to enhance regarding the relationship building domain, are empathy, adaptability and individualism. Adaptability would enhance flexibility; individualism would bring out the unique qualities of each team member while empathy would ensure that I understand the needs of members by imagining myself in their situations. Building on the influencing domain would include having strengths in communication thus enhancing the ability to turn thoughts to words and self-assurance which builds on confidence to manage life. Characteristics I would strengthen include extraversion and conscientiousness, traits known to enhance leadership effectiveness as indicated by Sun & Shang, (2019). Sun & Shang, (2019) further indicate that extraversion is effective for social leaders described by adjectives such as active, energetic and assertive; traits that will improve my communication and empathy. Conscientiousness is described by the qualities of persistence and tenacity, traits that will enhance self-assurance and adaptability. Some of the core values that require strengthening include teamwork and collaboration, values necessary for relationship building (Sullivan, 2015).
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A good discussion ought to give a brief account of what the task is all about in the introductory remarks. The introduction is meant to give a clear background information of what the discussion is going to be about. Kernie did well in this section. Before going straight to the discussion, she gives a detailed account of what will be expected in the discussion which helps prepare any reader. she starts by emphasizing on the four domains of leadership which is executing, influencing, relationship building as well as strategic thinking (StrengthsFinder Assessment, 2018). She goes ahead to mention the importance of having a desire for any leader always to wish to be better than he/she has been…

Kernie articulated well the results of her Clifton StrengthsFinder Assessment. In the discussion, she generally mentions the importance of strategic thinking, the strength of an achiever as well as responsibility (Sullivan, 2015). Even though she didn’t mention every score from the highest to the lowest strength, all the top five strengths were highlighted with a detailed discussion about each and every strength. The strengths that needed improvement were properly highlighted as well. In her discussion, she explains that Strengthening strengths in the influencing and…

Despite not separating the core values as required by the discussion question, there is a clear understanding of what her strengths are, what she needs improvement on as well as a detailed account of what…


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