ASSIGNMENT HELP | Discuss whether or not you believe that Bobby has a legitimate complaint

Read Ch. 5, Incident 2, “I am Qualified, Why Not Me?”

Write a 1,400-word analysis, using your research, of the incident, “I am qualified, Why Not Me?” Include the following in preparing your response:


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Discuss whether or not you believe that Bobby has a legitimate complaint. Does any organization, like Crystal Productions, have a responsibility to provide training and development opportunities to enhance promotion from within?
Explain the advantages and disadvantages of a promotion from within policy and whether such a policy would be appropriate for Crystal Productions.
Identify, if you were the head of HR, the first step in creating the policy, who should be involved in developing the policy, and what you would do in preparing for implementation.
Recommend the desired goals/outcomes of such a policy and the impact your new policy would have on staffing and performance management strategies.
Summarize what impact the changing workforce might have on your new policy.
Summarize a brief policy that addresses hiring from within.


Crystal Productions hired Bobby to be their junior consultant. Upon hiring, Roger Friedman, Crystal Productions’ controller believed he could excel in the company since he was the kind of person who was expected to quickly “move right up the ladder.” Bobby, despite the recognition and belief bestowed on him, went ahead to apply for other senior positions. These positions were hired by people from outside the organization, and after an outsider was hired to occupy the available accounting supervisor position, Bobby spoke with Roger Friedman about it. In turn, Roger Friedman affirmed that the company simply “look at the qualifications of every applicant” before making a hiring decision. Therefore, the focus will be on Bobby’s complaint before examining the benefits and limitations of internal promotion, and recommendations for a new promotion policy. 

Bobby’s Complaint            

Bobby’s complaint to Roger Friedman originates from the conversation they heard whereby he told him it was possible to move up the ladder. As a result, Bobby was influenced following the conversation since he believed the company pays a lot of focus on internal, rather than external promotions. Bobby was frustrated although there was no promise of any promotion in the future, nor was he promised that promotions would come from within the company. In turn, since the company hires based primarily on individual qualifications, the hired ones would be more qualified than Bobby for the vacant position, thus his complaint to Roger Friedman was unwarranted. In this case, it is evident Crystal Productions…


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