Assignment Help | Discuss Cabinet Co.’s remedies, duties and obligations with respect to the casters.

Frank is the receiving dock supervisor for Cabinet Co., a company that manufactures metal storage cabinets. His job is to supervise the inspection, and stocking of components and materials used in the manufacture of the cabinets as they are delivered; and to so notify the accounting department so invoices can be timely paid. On June 1, the company received a shipment of casters used in the manufacture of rolling cabinets. This new shipment would not be needed for three weeks as there were plenty of casters located on the assembly line. The storage facilities where the casters would normally be placed were under renovation, and there would be no space to store this latest shipment of casters until June 20. Frank decided to leave the unopened boxes of casters in a secure and covered corner of the receiving dock. He did, however, notify the accounting department that the casters had been received. The accounting department paid the $8,000.00 invoice in time to earn the discount if paid within ten days.



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On June 20 Frank had his workers open the boxes of casters to inspect then and place them in the appropriate space in the storage facility. Upon inspection it was determined that nearly all of the casters were defective and unusable. This caused the company to default on several contracts for rolling cabinets as it ran out of casters before it could secure replacements for the defective ones. Cabinet Co. was able to replace the casters at a 15% increase in cost.

Discuss Cabinet Co.’s remedies, duties and obligations with respect to the casters.



Negligence is and has never been a defense in law. In cases where one has been implicated for outright negligence, the law stipulates that one has to take responsibility of such acts. Organizations are known to have division of roles and it’s the duty of every employee to undertaken responsibilities as per the regulations. Any acts of negligence…

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The state and Federal labor laws demand that parties undertake their own obligations in the selling or buying. While the seller has an obligation to deliver and hand-over of documents, the buyer on the other hand …

Areas of principle and law According to the law on remedies, duties as well as obligations, both the seller and buyer have an undertaking to ensure that a transaction is well undertaken. Frank ought to have inspected such products before payments could have been made from the accounting department. Even for the extra that were ordered, they could have been inspected before being stored. According to section 2-711 of the UCC, the buyer had several choices…


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