ASSIGNMENT HELP | Diabetes is a common illness seen in primary care.

Diabetes is a common illness seen in primary care. Using evidence-based practice, what screening would you need to make to ensure these patients are getting adequate care and health promotion.



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Proper screening of a healthcare condition is important as it helps to identify asymptomatic individuals that are at risk of having diabetes. Early screening is particularly important as it helps an individual to establish appropriate remedy measures. According to the U.S Preventive Services Task Force, the most appropriate screening test for diabetes is the use of fasting plasma glucose (FPG) method which is also part of the diagnostic | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | blood sugar level that is below | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | to be within the normal range, a range of between 100 to 125 mg/dL can be regarded to be having early signs of diabetes while when a fasting sugar blood level that is more than 126 mg/dL can be a confirmatory test for diabetes.

According to Ekoe, Goldenberg and Katz, (2018), a | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | blood glucose test can be an important way to see how one’s body is in a position to | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | the levels of blood sugar especially in the | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | eat for a while, the body automatically produces glucose which goes to the blood | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | insulin level in the body will eventually help in stabilizing the blood | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | the glucose level after a person has fasted, it is possible to get the standard sugar level that a person consumes and which amounts to the prevalence of | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | contends that the fasting plasma glucose test is the most appropriate for diabetes since it is not only easy to do but also convenient | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | also self-administered and can help unearth both diabetes and prediabetes with the required level of accuracy.


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