ASSIGNMENT HELP | Describe the Square of Opposition

Recall your reading in Chapter 9 of our textbook regarding categorical logic and the Square of Opposition and, in a 2- to 3-page paper, address the following:

Describe the Square of Opposition
What is categorical logic?
What is the purpose of the Square of Opposition?
Identify key features of the Square of Opposition.
Explain how the Square of Opposition is used to translate statements into standard-form claims and corresponding standard-form claims including description of the relationships that are depicted within the square.
Identify the components of the A, E, I and O standard-form claims (or propositions).
Using the diagram in your text as a guide, create one original example using an ordinary statement and translating it into standard-form claims (A, E, I and O statements) using the Square of Opposition. Identify the translation and claims in your example using the corresponding letter.
For each corresponding standard-form claim, explain how you identified the translation and corresponding claims and their relationship to one another based on the relationships depicted on the square. In other words, explain why each choice of claim in your example is correct for that particular relationship.
Example provided must be original and not taken from our lecture, textbook readings or online resources.
Required Elements:


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Your essay must have an APA style formatted title page and reference list.
Your essay should be 2-3 pages (in additional to a title page and reference list) with an introduction paragraph, body paragraphs that address each required portion of the prompt, and a conclusion.
Your essay must follow APA style formatting throughout (Times New Roman, 12-point font, double-spaced, etc.).
Your essay should include research that consistently supports your presented points and ideas.
A minimum of 2 different sources must be utilized and cited properly with in-text citations and in the reference list. Avoid using large amount of quotes. If you summarize or paraphrase information in your own words, you must cite sources to provide credit for the ideas and concepts.


Describe The Square of Opposition

The square of opposition is a description that represents a PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | between four categorical propositions in the virtue of their forms (Veloudis, 2019). It was created by Aristotle to help in the translation of arguments and sentences in the context intense by the speaker. The categorical propositions in the chart include:

Universal affirmativesEvery S is PA propositions
Universal negationsNo S is PE propositions
Particular affirmativesSome S are PI propositions
Particular negationsSome S is not PO propositions

What Is Categorical Logic?

Categorical logic PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | to the mathematical principles ofPLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT |view of objects that can naturally PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | to more than one category of things or more than PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | class (Moore & Parker, 2017).
What is the purpose of the Square of Opposition? The square of PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | allows the use of propositions in the interpretation and translation of an argument or sentence, majorly PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | on the recipient of the…


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