ASSIGNMENT HELP | Describe 3 different scenarios that amount to ‘exigent circumstances?

An exigent circumstance is a situation in which a law enforcement officer confronts “an immediate major crisis in the performance of duty [which] affords neither time nor opportunity to apply to a magistrate.



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Describe 3 different scenarios that amount to \’exigent circumstances?

posts should reference the textbook, Criminal Law & Procedure, and, at least one outside source. All sources must be cited using APA guidelines.


Exigent Circumstances

Law enforcement officers have the mandate to confront major crises with permission from the magistrate; however, when the need for the officers rises to the extent that it waives permission from the magistrate, then the situation is referred to as exigent PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | issues resulting in exigent circumstances are founded on the urgency with which the solution of the matter at hand is PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | and Wilmshurst, (2017), the first scenario that causes exigent reaction involves a threat of impending danger. For example, under a suspicion that robbery, murder or homicide is about to take place in somebody’s house or a designated area, then the police are at liberty to rush to the scenes and conduct a search without permission from the magistrate (Cryer et al., 2017).

The second situation is under a reasonable belief that evidence is about to be destroyed by aPLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | is called PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | a drug dealer unknowingly sells drugs to undercover police (Bacigal & Tate, 2014). The police officers can then opt to follow the seller immediately to know the exact place of residence and to ensure they get samples of the drug remaining in the room.

Under the hot pursuit, law PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | officers may develop a reasonable belief that a PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | suspect is planning to PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | can find themselves in hot search when they were following a suspect who vanishes into an PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT |policemen would not require any permission from anywhere, but will forcefully search to ensure the suspect is found. Similarly, the officers will not seek consent from the residents to conduct their search for the suspect.


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