ASSIGNMENT HELP | Demonstrate your understanding of the reading as well as your own personal perspective.

Demonstrate your understanding of the reading as well as your own personal perspective. Reading responses serve as an opportunity for you to “take a position” on assigned readings by agreeing/disagreeing on specific issues that were raised within the reading. Synthesizing and critiquing the material (which is what you should do) is not the same as summarizing. Opinions and personal experiences are welcomed as well but should be presented in the context of class material and succinctly answering the essay questions.



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To summarize, please make sure that each reading response includes the below:
1) Summarizing the main points of the reading
2) Sharing your thoughts of the reading (agree/disagree)
3) How the reading relates to your personal experiences
4) Cite your chosen reading within the response i.e. add a quote and cite using APA format (Author\’s last name, YEar published).Comments / Note


            The article, “Alongside a Doctor’s Care, a Dose of Traditional Healing,” is about Chile’s public health system’s effort to be more inclusive, but instead took an unusual turn. In the 1990s, Chile’s government began a robust venture to ensure its public health system becomes more inclusive that saw the introduction of intercultural health care in areas with indigenous populations throughout | GET AN EXPERT FOR YOUR ASSIGNMENT | health care services provided at rukas similar to those offered in public clinics, which were free for patients under the municipal health system’s registration. By focusing on traditional healing alongside a doctor’s care, the article emphasizes…

            I agree with the contents of the article. A more inclusive system of healthcare means there are more benefits drawn from it namely the maintenance of employee health, prevention of disease, promotion of equality, and assisting individuals feel that their health is more valuable. This is the case with Chile’s public | GET AN EXPERT FOR YOUR ASSIGNMENT | of the traditional and modern approach to health care means the public benefits from two different options, which also boost the health prospects of the underserved Chilean community. Lastly, I can draw my personal experience from the article since I once made a concoction of lemon and ginger to suppress flu….


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