ASSIGNMENT HELP | DEFINE: Define an ethical framework and its usefulness to you.

Please also see attached instructions.

You will write a 3 – 5 page paper in APA format describing your own ethical framework. You will describe the principles and values that are part of your framework, as well as the major theory or theories from the textbook (e.g., Kohlberg’s theory of moral development, Ajzen’s theory of planned behavior, etc,) which inform your framework.


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Your paper should include the following elements:

● DEFINE: Define an ethical framework and its usefulness to you.
● DESCRIBE: Describe your ethical framework and how you developed it.
o What do you base your ethical framework on? It could be based on:
▪ Religious convictions
▪ Ideologies (such as justice, democracy or Confucianism),
▪ Your personal values and ethical principles
● ANALYZE: How does it compare or contrast with the major theories presented in the textbook?
● SYNTHESIZE: How does your personal ethical framework influence your ethical reasoning and decision-making and behavior?
● EVALUATE: Conclusion – What are your final conclusions about your ethical framework and its usefulness?



Sometimes in life, people face the difficult challenge of distinguishing right from wrong. What a person or group might consider being ethical, another might contradict (Forsyth, 2019). The differences in opinions happen when a person or group possesses different beliefs based on their ethical frameworks. An ethical framework refers to a set of principles or codes that an individual or group uses to direct their actions or conduct (“A Framework for Making Ethical Decisions”, n. d). People, therefore, use ethics to discern right from wrong as they interact with one another. They use their ethical judgments to formulate solutions for particular problems based on their moral frameworks (Forsyth, 2019). Ethical frameworks provide platforms that guide moral behavior to improve conduct, instill respect, and enhance social interactions. Discerning between right and wrong is a crucial component in life that models the characters of individuals to make correct decisions and relate with others. My ethical framework is based on the virtue framework.


Ethical Framework Description

The virtue framework tries to identify various character traits that motivate an individual to behave in a certain way, given a specific situation. This framework emphasizes the kind of person an individual wants to be and determines how their actions define their characters (“A Framework for Making Ethical | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | describes ethical behavior from the perspective of the virtuous person and attempts to | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | tries to understand and imitate the life of a noble character. Moreover, the framework assumes that individuals acquire virtue by practicing, and hence, they become moral and honourable (“A Framework for Making | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | to this framework, individuals are more likely to make ethical decisions by refining virtuous habits when faced with moral dilemmas. Ethics or morality may have a completely different meaning to different individuals.

Personal Application

Personally, growing up in a spiritual and religious family and following teachings from the Bible formed the roots of my ethical values and | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | to grow and evolve, Aristotle’s lessons begin to make more sense. According to Aristotle, moral virtue refers to the character of behaving in the right way and striking a balance between deficiency and excess extremes (Aristotle, 2019). Aristotle posited that a person learns ethical virtues fundamentally through practice and habit rather than from instruction and reason (Aristotle, 2019), which I now consider valid. I agree with Aristotle that morality is an issue of possessing the proper attitude towards pleasure and | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | person would have the courage to face danger without being rash or making reckless decisions. The reason why the virtue framework is useful is that it makes an individual question the kind of person they want to | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | into account the experiences, thoughts, and emotions of a person and their roles in making ethical decisions as well as developing | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | punishing performance in a work scenario, a manager might judge harshly or become | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | of the extremes may further lead to underperformance. As such, by maintaining a balance through firmness and fairness, the manager could motivate the employee to improve their behavior.

Analysis Kohlberg’s theory of moral development underpins the virtue | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | of Kohlberg’s work was on the reasons why individuals made ethical | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | that people progressed through the moral reasoning stages in sequence without skipping a step. His main concern was how people came to conclusions about their ethical dilemmas, which was a result of three significant…


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