ASSIGNMENT HELP | Both the neurological and musculoskeletal pathophysiologic processes that would account for the patient presenting these symptoms.

Case study analysis assignment is based on the following scenario:
Patient is a 24-year-old female administrative assistant who comes to the emergency department with a chief complaint of severe right-sided headache. She states that this is the sixth time in the last 2 months she has had this headache. She says the headaches last 2–3 days and have impacted her ability to concentrate at work. She complains of nausea and has vomited three times in the last 3 hours. She states, “the light hurts my eyes.” She rates her pain as a 10/10 at this time. Ibuprofen and acetaminophen ease her symptoms somewhat but do not totally relieve them. No other current complaints.



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Assignment (1- to 2-page case study analysis)
In your Case Study Analysis related to the scenario provided, explain the following:
• Both the neurological and musculoskeletal pathophysiologic processes that would account for the patient presenting these symptoms. | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT |
• Any racial/ethnic variables that may impact physiological functioning.
• How these processes interact to affect the patient.


Persistent headaches can result in notable negative impacts on the patient’s quality of life. With a significant pain to a scale of 10/10, a person’s functionality is likely to be impaired. The purpose of this task is to provide an in-depth evaluation of a typical patient who presents to the healthcare setting with persistent right-sided headaches which have negatively impacted her effectiveness at work.

Neurological and Musculoskeletal Pathophysiologic Processes

Many symptoms can be linked to the traits demonstrated by the patient in the case scenario. One pathophysiological process that can be connected to the patient’s condition is the dilation of the blood vessels that often result in pain that can be said to be migraine. Secondly, the presented symptoms can be linked to hereditary neurovascular headache disorder that is a condition that one can report occasionally | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | presented symptoms by the patient can be as a result of the anatomical, molecular as well as functional abnormalities which may result in notable sensitivity to any changes in | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | is a condition often associated with pain with varying intensity. It also has notable sensitivity to light. From the case study, all the symptoms..

Racial/Ethnic Variables That May Impact Physiological Functioning

There are notable racial/ethnic differences when it comes to migraine as well as a person’s ability to properly function physiologically.  A clearer understanding of these factors often help to provide better healthcare services. According to the American Migraine society, the rate of migraine among the Caucasians is higher than that in African Americans and the physiological functioning varies | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | are more likely to have a higher prevalence of cases of depression and stress as compared to Native Americans and also | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | the Caucasians are attacked with the condition, they are more likely to develop social issues such as isolation, family and | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | in the case study, the symptoms which are closely …

How The Processes Interact to Affect the Patient? The interaction of the Neurological and musculoskeletal pathophysiologic processes may have remarkable impact on | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | is attacked with the condition, the first step is that the brain will communicate to other sensitive body areas such as the eyes which will develop notable sensitivity to light. Subsequently…


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