ASSIGNMENT HELP | After reading the first part of “White Fragility,” first discuss and share your reflections thus far.

Forum: Reflections
After reading the first part of “White Fragility,” first discuss and share your reflections thus far. Include your understanding of what the author\’s intentions are in this book. Additionally, please answer the following question: \”The author traces some of the specific ways that her life has been shaped by racism. Consider your own socialization. In what specific ways has your life been shaped by racism? (If you are white, try to answer this question without mentioning people of color).\”



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Forum: Reflections

According to Robin DiAngelo, white fragility is a situation where a white person is unable to tolerate questions on racial inequality or injustice. In the first chapter of the book, the author states that white people do not often associate themselves with their race, PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | would otherwise trigger PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | the difficulties white people face during confrontations on racismPLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | talks about individualism and attributes the belief as a vital aspect of advancing racism. She goes further to explain that individualism leads people into believing that their opinions are more valuable as compared to others.

I agree that this is a form of ignorance as such opinions are uninformed and are only limited to individuals with such thoughts rather than being collectively PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | that the American culture and education system is not doing enough to train its people on racism. People, therefore, leave school and may even hold top leadership positions and at the same time, be incompetent when it comes to PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | asked about racism, argue that they do not have anything to do with white supremacy. As a result, they tend to avoid such conversations and may even become defensive at times by showing anger, fear, or guilt.

In the first chapter, DiAngelo also evaluates the impact when whites PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | is an emergence of white fragility as well as social forces that maintain the social PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | such as individualism and widespread segregation may, therefore, be challenging PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT |with Dr. DiAngelo’s argument that although whites claim that race is meaningless, they are the most affected in terms of racial issues. I can also relate some of my experiences with racism the author claims to have encountered in her book, which has shaped my life significantly.

Through my various encounters with people of diverse races, I have learned several concepts PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT |. It is not advisable to give feedback on the manifestations of racism, even when unintentional. I remember this one time we were watching a football game with PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT |another race failed to score, my colleague angrily shouted that people of such race were fools and deserved to be wiped out from the face of the earth. I try to be as neutral as possible to people of all races, so I decided to defend the PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | my colleague was PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT |, he rudely PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | me why I even supported such people, yet they said the same about us. I later figured out that my colleague may have been angered by the fact that racism is mainly associated with cruel PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | not, obviously want to be called a PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | bothered me to the PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | that I came up with a set of rules on how to handle people who may appear racist. If the first rule fails and I give feedback about a PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | to use a proper tone to ensure that I talk to the person calmly. I try as much as possible to avoid any emotions. To give a person feedback, I also ensure that there is trust between us. Otherwise, the input may be invalid as the person may…


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