ASSIGNMENT HELP | A new chemotherapeutic drug kills bacteria but not humans. Discuss the possible ways the drug may selectively act on bacterial cells.

Instructions: Write 10 or more sentences per question with the resources right below each questions.

1. A new chemotherapeutic drug kills bacteria but not humans. Discuss the possible ways the drug may selectively act on bacterial cells.


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2. Compare and contrast aerobic respiration, anaerobic respiration, and fermentation.

3. Louis Pasteur said, “The role of the infinitely small in nature is infinitely large.” Explain what he meant, using examples of the roles of microorganisms in health, industry, and the environment.


4. Fungi tend to reproduce sexually when nutrients are limited or other conditions are unfavorable, but they reproduce asexually in more ideal conditions. Why is this strategy successful?

5. Some potentially pathogenic bacteria and fungi, including strains of Enterococcus, Staphylococcus, Candida, and Aspergillus, can survive for one to three months on a variety of materials found in hospitals, including scrub suits, lab coats, plastic aprons, and computer keyboards. What can hospital personnel do to reduce the spread of these pathogens?

6. Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) preferentially destroys CD4+ cells. Specifically, what effect does this have on antibody and cell-mediated immunity?


7. Given the various predisposing factors that make humans susceptible to opportunistic infections, how can healthcare providers curtail the rising incidence of such infections?

8. Fifteen-year-old Dolores was embarrassed to talk with her mother about the pain she felt in her “private parts,” but she was worried she might have gotten a disease, despite Nick’s assurance that she was his “first.” Her mother insisted that Dolores see a doctor, who discovered cervical lesions caused by a virus associated with cancer.
a. What sexually transmitted virus is involved?
b. How should the physician treat the lesions?
c. How could Dolores have protected herself?



Question 1

The importance of chemotherapeutic drugs is that they have PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | inhibit growth PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | of the chemotherapeutic drugs that are used are antibacterial because their impact on prokaryotic cells provides several varieties of uniqueness in terms of selective toxicity (Guthrie, Gupta, Daily & Kelly, 2017). In comparison to its use on human cells, which are PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT |and impact is slightly hampered. It is imperative to note that PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | cells are prokaryotic whereas human cells are eukaryotic. This means that both cells have their compositions and tend to comprise different features. Moreover, the bacterial cells have PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT |, and the human cells have no walls. Therefore, the PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | chemotherapeutic drug tends to kill bacteria but not humans because it is PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | to stop the synthesis of cell walls which humans PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT |be no or little effect from the drug on humans because there are no cell walls. There is little that antibacterial drugs can do to help kill human cells. Since human cells possess inhibitors, chemotherapeutic drugs cannot synthesize them or their walls (Guthrie et al., 2017).


Guthrie, L., Gupta, S., Daily, J., & Kelly, L. (2017). Human microbiome signatures of differential colorectal cancer drug metabolism. NPJ Biofilms And Microbiomes3(1), 27.

Question 2

Both anaerobic respiration and aerobic PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | are forms of cellular respiration. Aerobic respiration is a PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | that uses oxygen, whereas anaerobic respiration is a process that does not involve the use of oxygen. Even though some cells may use only one of the two, aerobic PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT |compared to anaerobic respiration. Anaerobic respiration occurs mostly in prokaryotic cells. Fermentation is a form of aerobic respiration. Just like in aerobic PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT |, fermentation PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | the breakdown PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | carbohydrates into a final product (Stauffer et al., 2018). However, fermentation depends on the lack of sufficient oxygen to continue its aerobic chain. Anaerobic respiration occurs similarly as that of aerobic respiration and fermentation, but its final product is different. Aerobic respiration occurs more commonly in eukaryotic cells. The difference between fermentation PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | aerobic respiration is that fermentation does not involve oxygen.


Stauffer, S., Gardner, A., Ungu, D. A. K., López-Córdoba, A., & Heim, M. (2018). Cellular Respiration. In Labster Virtual Lab Experiments: Basic Biology (pp. 43-55). Springer Spektrum, Berlin, Heidelberg.

Question 3 Louis Pasteur statement referred to the size of microorganisms and the impact that they have around the world. Despite their small size, bacteria have had a significant impact on the world-spanning from health, industry and the environment as a whole. It is imperative to note that bacteria live within human bodies and therefore, they could cause diseases within the human body (Zhou et al., 2009). For instance, the intestinal microbes tend to often compete with other microbes within the human body resulting in microbial antagonism. The importance of microorganisms cannot be underpinned within other sectors other than


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