ASSIGNMENT | Discuss the conclusion of the novel. Why do you think it ends as it does? What do you think about the ending?

Japanese Fiction in Comparative Contexts 18

            The historical events of the Meiji era and the Emperor Meiji’s death characterizes and influences the conclusion Soseki made in his novel. The contrast made between modernity and tradition influences the narrator’s life and perception of life throughout his younger years PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | of this that the conclusion of the novel ended how it ended, and the connection between Sensei and the Meiji era PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | the novel, it ending informs the conclusion based on contrasting the reality of life as seen in different characters such as the narrator, Sensei, and Ajosan, and the individual perceptions towards life – relationships and emotions, among others.


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           The novel ended in the manner it did since the characters constantly compared past and present circumstances of life, and the possibility PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | narrator kept on favoring modernity, while squashing traditional tendencies, which ended up drawing a lot of answers, and propelling the readers’ PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | use of symbolism in the novel also informed its conclusion since tension was created between modernity and tradition, and the characters’ strive to connect with the spirit of the PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | understanding of the novel informs my thoughts about it in line with the importance of human relationships, emotions culture, and modernity, while advancing other people’s attitudes on how they view or perceive life, as was the case with Sensei and the PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | ending informs a lot about how people connect satisfaction in life with monetary possessions and other simple things such as health.

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Soseki, Natsume and McClellan, Edwin. Kokoro (1914). Sandy, Utah: Quiet Vision Publishing, 2001. Print.


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