ASSIGNMENT | Computer crime

Please define the three basic ways computer crime can be categorized.
Please list the steps taken in following a common protocol for processing a crime scene involving electronic evidence.



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Computer Crime

Computer crime refers a broad category of unlawful acts that involve the use of the internet or a computer in the execution of the offense. The three basic ways computer crime can be categorized include crime against individuals, crime against organizations, and crime against…

Cybercrime against individuals directly cause harm to a person PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | ings. Cyberstalking, email harassment, social PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT |, cyberbullying, and phishing are some of the common examples of these form of PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT |crime against organizations is the most common cybercrime in the modern world. Warez distribution, data PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT |are some of the examples of cybercrime against companies. When an organization’s online platform is hacked, the consequences are PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | may affect the customers, employees and the entire welfare of the company. Lastly, computer crime against government is among PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | world’s worst forms of cybercrime. The offense is also known as cyber terrorism and can lead to prosecution by law enforcement agencies and federal cybersecurity authorities. The associated crimes include hate speech, spreading …

Common Protocol for Processing a Crime Scene Involving Electronic Evidence The collection, preservation and sharing of electronic evidence should be handled with care. First responders at an PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | crime scene should follow a number PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | should recognize, identify, seize and secure all the available electronic evidence. Secondly, the scene and the specific location of the evidence obtained should be properly documented. Thirdly, the responders should gather, label and ensure…


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