ASSIGNMENT | Compare and contrast the differences between Burglary, Robbery and Theft. Be sure to include the elements of each.

The terms theft, robbery, and burglary are almost used PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | as most people tend to confuse the PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | in which each of them should be used. A food instance is in reports about money or property being PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | taken. As much as the three words PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | to mean one and the same, they ideally have different meanings. To begin with, theft can be described based on the extent of the act. For instance, it can be called petty theft, grand or larceny. Nevertheless, theft can be defined as the act of PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | a person’s property without the owner giving consent with the intention of completely depriving them of possession (Criminal defense). The distinguishing feature of theft is that there PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | no form of violence and it is dominated by the three aspects: loss of property, the act being wrongful and lastly depriving the owner of any form of ownership.

Robbery, on the other hand, is a form of theft that involves the use PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT |robbery, property taken may be under PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | of the victim and not necessarily under his/her possession. A good example of robbery is threatening a homeowner to provide access to the house so as items can be taken away. The notable elements in a robbery, therefore, is violence/ threat to PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | and taking something from the owner (Taylor, 2015).


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 Lastly, burglary can PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | defined as a form of PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | that involves a person going into a premise with the intention of committing a PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | within the premise. A person can be convicted of burglary even when they didn’t engage in any form of theft within the premise. The crime that a person can be PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | of wanting to commit may not necessarily be robbery or theft. The main elements of burglary are the existence of a structure/ premise and entry of any form.


Criminal defense, (n.d).  Difference between theft, robbery, and burglary.

Taylor, (2015). What’s the Difference Between Burglary, Robbery, and Theft?


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