Analyze the stages of group development the teams should expect to experience.

Recently, you have been assigned the task of assembling a multicultural team in your organization. The purpose of the team is to design and implement a leadership development and succession process for the organization.

Based on research using the course text and other scholarly materials:


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Analyze the stages of group development the teams should expect to experience. At each stage, make recommendations that will help move the team into the next stage.

Organizations are normally faced with a hard task of choosing a multicultural team that can help it implement its laid down agenda. In designing, and implementing a leadership team, organizations juggle between having team leaders who have enough expertise in guiding others for successful succession process. A multicultural team identified by an organization will definitely face different stages of group development before realizing the team’s mandate. This is …

Multicultural project teams often face problems with communication, expectations, and values. How do you think some of these challenges can be overcome?

Noting variety of communication styles, expectations and values among other factors in the first stage of development. Since that stage is crucial, it will be important for team members to induct themselves with the diversity that maybe.  With expectations, it will be important to manage them by setting achievable targets so that those expectations don’t grow into anxiety and eventually worry. It is…

Explain some of the group decision-making challenges the team may experience and recommend ways to overcome them.

Discuss at least three recommendations to help make these teams effective.


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