Achieve operational excellence through higher levels of efficiency and productivity

Select one of the topics below. Write a 5 – 10 full page research paper (excluding the cover page and reference page) on the real world application of the chosen technology. Your paper should a include the type of organization(s) that benefit most from this technology. Assignment will be grade it according to the Rubric, attached above. Elaborate on what business problem the technology solves. Also, how does it help the organization achieve one or more of the following:
Achieve operational excellence through higher levels of efficiency and productivity
Create new products, services, and business models
Raise revenue and profits while lowering costs by increasing customer and supplier intimacy
Improve decision making for managers and employees
Increase competitive advantages
Insure survival caused by business environment changes
Choose ONE topic:
Autonomic computing
Cloud computing
Grid computing
N-tier client/server architectures
Project Management

Paper Formatting:
Written work 5 – 10 full pages
Cover Page
Margins: 1″ top, bottom, right, and left.
Font Times New Roman 12 point.
Use a MS Word document file format.


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Nanotechnology, according to Pullizi (2016), is the process that involves the manipulation of different materials at tiny scales of atoms and molecules. Through the manipulation of different materials, the standard rules of physics and chemistry are misaligned and therefore end up creating different surprising material properties. They may either end up being stronger or reactive in the end. For instance, inert materials such as platinum may be manipulated to become catalysts. This and other properties have opened up the world to an exciting field of study. Nanoscience is the art of discovering such reviews, whereas nanotechnology is the continued use of these properties in their applications across the globe. Nanotechnology is and has already taken root within the world, but its impact is yet to grow significantly. Today, thanks to nanotechnology, we can do and achieve more as human beings, we can buy paints that last longer, we can apply the technology in chemical processing techniques and other things as well. This paper discusses nanotechnology’s application to the real-world problems, how it helps companies achieve operational excellence, how it creates new products, services, and business models, how it improves decision making for managers and employees and increase competitive advantages.

The Real-World Problems Nanotechnology Is Solving

Informational technology, medicine, water, energy, food safety, and transportation, among many other things, are related to how they affect basic human needs. Everybody around the globe counts on the factors mentioned above to live by their days with so much ease. Water, food, and energy, are essential resources that are needed in daily activities; their continued usability coupled with population growth is proving to be a challenge to the entire world. Nanotechnology holds a grand promise for developing and creating new materials to help solve these issues. With organizations using different strategies to sustain their businesses, nanotechnology presents a change in how they can adapt the same in their changing products and services within their business model.

 Due to the advancement in different technologies over the last few years, there have been a lot of benefits and use of nanotechnology to help solve real-world problems. This means that nanotechnologies are being used to help organizations achieve operational excellence and reduce their costs of production. For instance, advancements in nanotechnology support different healthy food supplies by lowering the costs of producing through cost-effective methods such as early detection of diseases and parasites, improving animal and plant breeding, and creating high-value products through the use of Nano-biomaterials (Pulizzi, 2016). Nanoparticles have been developed to help deliver increased vitamins and other nutrients without affecting the overall appearance. The development of Nanocapsules that contain several nutrients has been designed to help detect deficiencies within the body of a human being.

Nanotechnology innovations have also helped in reducing the cost of water purification in solving the drinking water problem that is around the world. According to Al & Aithal(2016), agriculture across the globe gobbles up to 70 percent of the entire water supply available around the world. To feed and continue supplying over 2 billion people with this supply for the next ten years will require an increase in the water supply. The current rate of the global population and consumption, almost two-thirds of the entire community, will be affected due to lack of enough water supplies. The use of nanotechnology filters makes it easier to convert seawater into pure drinking water hence providing a solution to the dwindling amount of water across the globe (al & Aithal,2016). There is also the use of microbe filters that rely on silver nanoparticles to help screen and increase the supply of clean water to people around the globe. With energy being viewed as one of the essential human resources after food and water, the demand for energy is forecasted to increase significantly over the next five years. There is a significant shortage in terms of access to electricity and other forms of energy, with over 1.6 billion lackings.With fossil fuel sources being depleted, there is a need for more energy sources to be developed and created. Nanotechnology innovations provide an alternative to help solve the energy requirements and needs of human beings. Nanotechnology provides efficient energy sources such as hydrogen storage, provides a power grid and cheaper solar cells as well. All these are designed to enhance access to alternative energy sources.

Nanotechnology Creating New Products, Services, and Impact on Business Models Nanotechnology not only improves the designs of different products but also impacts the fundamental characteristics of existing business models and structures. For instance, the development of nanotechnology has helped transform the traditional brick and motor business model to the click and motor model. The essential characteristics of nanotechnology have also helped in enhancing productivity and improving the economic growth of different businesses across the market. Nanotechnology may also help in addressing the pressing issues of this world right now. Some of the impacts of nanotechnology on


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