Access an elementary grade level language (grammar or vocabulary) lesson plan.

Access an elementary grade level language (grammar or vocabulary) lesson plan. This can be a lesson you already have or one from the internet.

Evaluate the lesson. Look for evidence of grammar or academic vocabulary strategies and differentiated learning for EL students.


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Write a 1200-word critique on the lesson plan and address the following:

A description of the evidence you found within the lesson that reflects the three UDL guidelines and differentiated learning strategies

There exist three UDL principles that govern a lesson prepared for learners. They include having different means of acquiring knowledge and information, offering learners the chance to demonstrate what it is they know and lastly having different ways to tap into learner’s interests, provide different changes and opportunities for problem-solving as well as motivation. Looking at the introductory part of the lesson plan, it clearly activates the interests of the learner by allowing them to reflect on moments they did not know the meaning of a new word (Jones, 2018). By allowing them to use even their local languages, they can freely discuss, tickle their emotions and even make fun out of it. Being an introductory part, they will have their minds get stimulated and hence expect…

Modifications you would include in the lesson to make it more comprehensible for EL students and your rationale for those modifications

In order to make the lesson plan more comprehensive, there are some modifications that ought to be undertaken. First and foremost, I would have to include differentiated learning which will incorporate the inability of learners that may have problems with reading as well as those that may not be free to share with their friends during interactive sessions. As suggested before, the use of charts can be used to complement the cards being used for the lesson. It is also important that the lesson incorporates…

· Instructional strategies you would use to adapt the content and/or the materials (including technology) for students at different English language proficiency levels

I believe the lesson plan has captured quite a good number of instructional strategies to use. However, there is more that can be done to deliver the content especially as far as using technology is concerned (Jones, 2018). For instance, creating a world…

Include the lesson plan with your critique.


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