A brief, introductory description of your hypothetical business

A brief, introductory description of your hypothetical business
• The approach you will use regarding globalization
• How you will utilize forecasting in your operations
• Define the culture you will want at your company and how you will structure your Human Resources system to achieve that culture
• Define how you are going to develop a sustainable supply chain for your company
• Explain how you will approach planning in your company and the
methodology you will use.
• Define how you will use lean operations in your company to reduce waste and
improve productivity

Assessment: An essay or a portion of the final paper equal to 250 words, which is
to be formatted into the following three sections:
1) Christian worldview regarding the course; Explain how your understanding of
God’s creative process illustrated in Genesis 1:1 – 2:2 guided you in the
development of the operations management system of your company.
2) biblical passages related to the course; and
3) comparison of secular and Christian perspectives related to the course.


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