2. Problem 1: Create a Python program to solve a simple pay calculation | Assignment Help

Create a comment block (starts at line 1 of your code) with the following information:

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2. Problem 1: Create a Python program to solve a simple pay calculation. Calculate the amount of pay, given employee name, hours worked, and hourly rate. (The formula to calculate payroll is pay = hourly rate * hours worked.) Display employee name, hourly rate, hours worked, and pay. (Do not add any rules such as overtime)

Problem 2: Create a Python program to calculate the average miles per gallon obtained on a trip. Input car name, the amount of gas used and the number of miles driven. (The formula to calculate miles per gallon is miles per gallon = number of miles driven / amount of gas used. ) Display car name, gas used, miles driven and MPG. Use your own values to test the. You can hard code the values or you can use the input() function. 

Save it as a python file (.py)


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