1: What are the characteristics of papulosquamous eruptions? | Assignment Help

A 7-month-old boy presents with an erythematous, confluent, slightly raised, and scaly rash on his cheeks; and his extremities are also covered with a fine papular rash. The infant has had some scaling behind the ears and on the scalp since early infancy, but the symptoms have recently increased. The mother applies baby oil to the scalp to relieve scaliness. Except for some intermittent rhinorrhea, the infant has otherwise been well. Immunizations are deficient; he received only the first set when he was two months old. The family history is positive for bronchitis. The infant’s weight is at the 75th percentile, and the height is at the 50th percentile. Vital signs are normal. The physical examination is normal, except for the presence of the rash



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  1. What are the characteristics of papulosquamous eruptions? Be thorough and descriptive.
    • Papulosquamous disorders are skin conditions that have one thing in common: they are identified by red to purple, raised, scaly patches on the skin surface, with well-defined borders. Papulosquamous disorders have many different causes and treatments. Some of the most common include psoriasis, lichen planus, and certain drug eruptions…

2: What are the common conditions associated with papulosquamous eruptions in children? List at least 3 common conditions and include the pathophysiology of each condition.

3: What are the appropriate treatments for common papulosquamous eruptions? Why?

4: When should children with papulosquamous eruptions be referred to a dermatologist?

5: Define the following: a) confluent, b) papular, c) papulosquamous, and d) rhinorrhea


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