1. Introduction – what panel were you on and what role did you play?

More details of the final paper will be provided in class. Generally speaking, the point of the paper is to summarize your personal experience participating in the stakeholder panel process, trying to reach consensus on recommendations for the new Biden-Harris administration. You should cover the role you played, what you thought were the critical issues, what you learned from listening to the other stakeholders, and your assessment of the final results. Your paper should discuss how your panel compared to the other panels – why were the outcomes similar or different.

A generic outline for your paper could look like this, but feel free to organize your work however you think best communicates your ideas. I do expect full sentences, organized into paragraphs, with a logical flow, not just bullet points or an outline.


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1. Introduction – what panel were you on and what role did you play?

2. What were the critical issues for your sector, and in particular for your stakeholder role?

3. How did the process work and what were the results? [For example, did one stakeholder dominate; did you reach consensus on anything; what were the sticking points]

4. Why do you think your panel performed however it did? What was your personal contribution either to reaching consensus or failure to reach consensus?

5. How do you compare your panel’s experience to the other panels you observed in class?

6. What did you learn from this exercise, both about your industry and about the multistakeholder consensus-building process?


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