1) Identify and explore important assumptions from your worldview by answering the questions listed above


To write an essay in which you compare the foundational features of your worldview with the foundational features of one developmental theory discussed in our course materials.


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Every person who has ever lived bases his or her life on a set of basic assumptions. These assumptions form the foundation of his or her worldview. One’s worldview influences his or her work. This is true of everyone. For this paper we will identify worldview assumptions evident in the work of developmental theorists. Using this information, we will identify one theory that is compatible with our own personal worldview and write an essay describing and supporting our evaluation of this theory.
To review, remember that one’s worldview can be identified by answering these five questions:
1. How did it all begin? This is the question of origins.
2. Who am I? This is the question of identity.
3. What is my purpose? This is the question of meaning.
4. Does truth exist? This is the question of morality.
5. Is this all there is? This is the question of destiny.

Write a brief* essay addressing the following topics:

1) Identify and explore important assumptions from your worldview by answering the questions listed above (in paragraph form; not a numbered list of questions).

My perception of life is that it all xxx from a spiritual xxx who is God. The bible forms the x xxfor my source of life which is indebted to that xxx who can take it away at will. As I have gone through life, I have gained the xxx to adopt this stand because of my spiritual arguments xxx the origin of life. I believe I am a unique being who has been xxx an inherent potential by an inherent being and hence it is up to me to bring this kind of potential out through my actions, dedication to work and the connection to the xxx of life. I am also xxx to succeed and hence the owner of my own destiny. My purpose in life is to ensure I live for what I was created for. The inherent ability and strength bestowed upon me are all meant to help humanity in any position that I am given by the same spiritual being (Green & Piel, 2015).  My purpose is also to ensure I live positive and never deter any person who wishes to b…

2) Briefly describe key concepts and features of one developmental theory. In your discussion of this theory identify at least two important worldview assumptions described in our course materials.

The selected developmental theory is Erick Erickson’s Psychosocial Theory which analyzed how xxx develop as well as how they think. His xxx is very different from the xxx development xxx by his teacher. The xxx was based on xxx such as Trust and mistrust, autonomy and xxx and doubt, intimacy and isolation, integrity and despair among other stages. The theory therefore…

3) Compare your worldview beliefs with the worldview beliefs evident in the developmental theory you have chosen. In what ways is your worldview compatible with this theorist? In what ways is your worldview different? Provide one or two practical examples to support your statements.


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