ASSIGNMENT HELP | What change do you make and why?

You are on a panel of drafters for your state’s legislature. You are codifying a set of custodial interrogation warnings and rights that must be read to defendants.



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The legislature wishes to make at least one major change to the standard language of Miranda, either by adding an element or removing an element. What change do you make and why? Include the warning as it will appear in the updated code of your state.


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The Miranda rights are a set of instructions PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | to suspects by police officers during arrests or custodial interrogations. They include ordering the suspect to remain silent and also warning them that whatever they may say will be used against them PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | then proceeds to tell the suspect that they have a right to an attorney, and if they may not afford one, the state shall provide (Kadish, Schulhofer & Barkow, 2016). For the application of the law, the suspect must be in the custody of the police and must also be undergoing questioning.

Ironically, law enforcement PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | were initially against the formulation of this PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | passed Section 3501 in 1968, which was later approved by the Senate overturning the Miranda. According to the law, a suspect could give confessions in a court of law provided they did so at their own will. However, after the U.S. vs. Dickerson case PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT |seemed to be in support of Miranda. According to the judge who ruled the case, the issuance of warnings, as well as obtaining a waiver, is the simplest way of admissibility.

In my view, Miranda could be said to be a PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | at some point. In a 2010 case involving PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | v. Thompkins, the judge ruled that a murder suspect had overlooked his right to silence when he said yes amid breaking down. Before that, the suspect had PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | silent for 3 hours and was answering a question PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | to him on whether he believed in God. For PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | reasons, there would, therefore, be a need to make changes to this law by adding some aspects (Kadish et al., 2016). Numerous studies prove that Miranda does not improve the efforts by law enforcement agencies to obtain confessions from suspects. Its formulators did not also PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | outline the warnings making it hard for suspects to comprehend it fully.

Besides, PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | did not also project PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | issuing this PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | before their arrest would hinder their cooperation during interrogation. It does not even help prosecutors in PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | the convictions of such suspects. Some of these aspects became evident immediately after the law was passed in 1966. There were no significant effects in places like Los Angeles, New Haven, Washington, D.C., and Chicago. In changing the Miranda rights, certain factors…


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