ASSIGNMENT HELP | The purpose of the Persuasive Essay assignment is to choose a topic that has some debatable issue.

The purpose of the Persuasive Essay assignment is to choose a topic that has some debatable issue. You will then take a position on that issue and write a 2 full page Persuasive Essay trying to influence you to accept or agree with your position on this issue.



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Choose a topic. Your topic will be on some issue of debate where you are able to take a side on that issue. , there is no required outline or pattern that you have to use for organizing this essay. However, you will want to plan your organization so your ideas connect and make sense to the reader. You may use either of the patterns from the previous two units. Also, you may look at the different patterns presented in Chapter 10 for ideas. As a bit of advice, the structure is shown in Chapter 10.9 under the heading \”Structure of a Persuasive Essay\” is a helpful model to look at.

10.9 Persuasion

The essay will be at least two full pages long but no more than four pages (unless you have your instructor\’s permission to go over 4 pages).


Persuasive Essay Assignment

For quite some time now, there have been ongoing debates on whether or not education should be privatized. Privatization of education involves the PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | of mandate given to the government to run the education system to private firms for financial gain. It also involves diverging funds from the public sector to PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | are embracing this move, though their actions have been met by equal criticism. In this essay, I will discuss the privatization of education as well as its pros and cons.

Is the PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | of schools beneficial in PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT |this system is more likely to produce better students in terms of knowledge PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | will have better infrastructure as more funds are PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | to each school. Students will, thus, benefit due to the favorable learning conditions which are essential in the physical and mental growth of such students. Students also have a view of education more practically as they PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | new mechanisms of learning. For instance, students in such schools use audio-visual technology, which helps them understand concepts better. They are also more advanced in terms of their equipment and surroundings, thus facilitating physical growth.  

Private learning institutions are also more likely PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | have more financial capability as compared to public PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | non-teaching team, such schools may also hire counselors who ensure that children also develop psychologically. The hygiene conditions in private schools are also higher compared to private PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | likely to experience hygiene-PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | problems (Verger, Antoni, and Adrián Zancajo, 2016). As a result, such institutions may have better-performing students as they have minimal PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT |. Such students are also more civilized and PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT |, which are essential skills in the job PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT |. How will the privatization of public schools impact negatively on specific populations? One, public institutions are more affordable than the latter. They can also accommodate children from all backgrounds regardless of their racial, financial, or religious backgrounds. Private schools may, however, not serve a majority of…


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